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Unser Anspruch ist es, die besten Effizienz-Manager zu sein,
damit jedes Unternehmen nur so viel Energie verbraucht,
wie es wirklich benötigt.

Limón liefert innovative Lösungen zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz.

Damit verbraucht jedes Unternehmen nur so viel Energie, wie es wirklich benötigt.


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Fresh thinking for production and energy

Dear sir or madam,

The energy revolution poses a challenge to every company. By increasing efficiency in the industry, we can each teach a step toward sustainability. Yet energy efficiency is similar to mountain climbing: on the way to the top, you must cross deep gorges and rough stumbling blocks. Many will fail. Others will only make it halfway. Therefore, you should ask yourself:

Can you tread this weary path alone? Will your human resources suffice? Do you have the proper expertise? How about a budget? Is it possible to handle such a complex task on your own?

And who really thinks of everything and has the necessary experience to complete the mission?

Leading industrial companies have come to the conclusion that only a comprehensive approach can bring them to the top of the mountain. And Energy Management 4.0 by Limón is just that. My team and I will be happy to show you individual solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mark Junge
Limón general management


What motivates and connects all of us:

The maxim and passion of saving energy, sustainable innovations and quality, professional action, and accountability for the future.

We love the challenge of holistic efficiency projects


Which is why we advise our customers in a truly comprehensive manner on special efficiency issues in various sectors.


Energy efficiency, energy management, energy monitoring, or simulation -- we love the challenge of holistic efficiency projects. Our customers include companies in trade and industry, utilities, energy advisors, and contractors. Our products and services are based on a comprehensive approach from needs assessment to energy provision.

As an energy efficiency expert, Limón is the only company in Germany to combine efficiency expertise with understanding of processes in the following sectors:

Plant planning
Energy technology
Energy efficiency expertise
Energy management expertise
Factory and energy systems simulation
Measurement and transmission technology
Production and plant control
Production technology
Software programming

Ask us! We will be happy to answer your questions.


We at Limón are proud to offer our customers holistic consulting services on the topic of energy efficiency. Benefit from our many years of project experience and let our specialists answer your questions.