Energiekonzepte & Planung


Would you be interested in increasing the efficiency of your operations simply by planning your facilities?

Each time a new machine is purchased or an old machine is upgraded, no matter whether it is for production plants, manufacturing resources, or technical equipment, energy and energy efficiency play a key role. Our customers' experience has shown that functionality, budget, and schedules are typically the main factors considered in the planning process. Efficient operations and the costs involved throughout the entire life cycle are rarely given a thought. But the results of the planning phase are critical for ensuring efficient operations and keeping costs to a minimum.

Our project experience has shown that simulations conducted early on can provide a much higher level of planning reliability. The simulation allows for the degree of energy efficiency to be significantly influenced at an early stage.


How an energy planner can help you

An energy planner assumes responsibility for the overarching coordination between production and building techology as well as energy supply. He or she also ensures consistency from the idea to the technical concept and realization, thus reducing high investment costs and errors.

In order to meet future demands, it is necessary to rethink planning. Similar to lean production, in which a cost-optimized plant is built tailored to the specific operations, this notion must also be applied to the field of energy. In logistics, large buffers were used to guarantee the productivity of individual units, though this concealed errors and increased the working capital instead of reducing total costs. Today, a lean and flexible production is key. With regard to energy, this task still lies ahead.

Limón will help you plan your industrial plants

Common topics include:


Ventilation units

Heat supply

Cogeneration units

Steam supply

Compressed air technology

Process plants

Limón will aid you throughout all phases of planning:

Initial evaluation
Conceptual design
Approval planning
Execution planning
Preparation and assistance with awarding contracts
Project monitoring
Energy efficiency monitoring

Our customers value our focus on energy efficiency beginning with the planning phase, allowing them to sustainably reduce their operation costs.





In addition to traditional planning services, Limón excels at the following methods:

Simulation of energy systems to increase investment reliability and increase energy efficiency 

Calculation and assessment of various operation scenarios

Calculation of profitability, taking regulations and state funding into account

Needs-based design of supply plants, taking real demands into account

References - Examples of successful Limón projects

Layer ventilation system for a new facility of a medium-sized bloyn film manufacturer

Energy supply plant with a CHP unit and absorption cooling technology for a company in the food industry

Cogeneration plant with decoupling of steam and hot water for an automotive supplier in the field of plastics processing

Energy supply concept with a miniature gas turbine for a medium-sized plastics processer

Cooling supply overhaul by switching coolants for a food manufacturer

Steam provision concept for a medium-sized sausage manufacturer

Waste heat recovery unit for a steel company