Let us find your potential savings!

Are rising energy prices, increasing environmental impacts, and legal requirements constantly posing new challenges to your company?

How to identify potential and secure benefits

Do you want to analyze profitable and technically feasible energy savings potential and put it to work for your company? Our holistic process evaluation combined with measurements, controls, and planning helps you optimize your energy efficiency and secure a competitive edge and cost savings in the long term.



Customer-specific approach
Limón believes in a customer-specific approach to increasing energy efficiency, because standardized measures only find a limited range of savings potential.

Process expertise required

It is only possible to develop, analyze, and realize the right energy efficiency measures with profound knowledge of the relevant processes and by keeping the customer's needs in mind.

The process as a starting point
Limón identifies measures based on existing procedures and the energy situation. The inspection thus always encompasses energy use, distribution, and supply. Additionally, the main consumers in your production line are identified in order to find the greatest possible potential.

Step-by-step procedure
Limón helps you maximize your energy efficiency. We begin with an initial consultation to identify your potential savings and follow up with a detailed consultation to develop measures and specific recommendations taking profitability and payback periods into account.


Our solution

Your benefits


Cost reduction
Reducing energy costs automatically lowers the production cost of your products, appears on your profit account, and helps you stay competitive.


Lost profits
Excessively high energy costs are lost profits. By a 2.5% profit margin, energy savings in the amount of 50,000 Euros equal an increase in profits of 2,000,000 Euros.

Profitable measures
Limón works closely with you to develop innovative projects and assesses them in both technical and financial terms.

Integrated solutions provider
Limón is the competent partner at your side for all industrial applications from the analysis to concepts, planning, and implementation.