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Because a steel mill has other energy-related challenges than a butcher shop or a hospital. That is why Limón has divisions specializing in certain industries. The experienced engineers from Limón have considerable practical expertise. For the past 10 years, Limón has been one of the leading solutions providers for energy efficiency actions in industrial applications. This top rank and the combined know-how of the entire team can be seen every day in our projects to cut costs and increase efficiency.

Specializing in energy-intensive industries:

As an energy efficiency expert, Limón uses its know-how for services, hardware, and software in focused industry-oriented teams. 

Enerigesparen im Automotive

Saving energy in the automotive sector

From the automobile manufacturer to the component supplier: we specialize in helping you as a particularly energy-intensive company throughout all phases of energy-efficient production and will identify your savings potential. More...

Energiesparen in der Energiewirtschaft

Saving energy in the energy sector

From the grid operator to the power plant operator and the regional utility: we specialize in helping you throughout all phases of energy management and will develop energy-efficient solutions for your customers. More...

Branchenlösungen zum Energiesparen in der Fisch- und Fleischverarbeitung

Saving energy in fish and meat processing

From the butcher to final processing of meat and fish: we specialize in helping you as an energy-intensive company throughout all phases of energy-efficient production. More...

Branchenlösungen zum Energiesparen in der Giesserei

Saving energy in the foundry

Are political uncertainties and the Far East threatening your existence? What you really need is an analysis and comprehensive assessment on how to save and reuse your energy. This will provide you transparency about energy flows. Increase your efficiency now and save valuable energy costs. More...

Lösungen zum Energiesparen in der Kunststoff-Branche

Saving energy in the plastics industry

As a solutions provider for energy-efficiency measures, Limón has already realized a number of projects in the plastics processing industry. This practical expertise is pooled in our Plastics and Rubber division. More...

Lösungen zum Energiesparen in der Metallverarbeitung

Saving energy in metalworking

Metalworking operations have energy savings potential of 16% on average. In the long term, the respective energy cost savings will maximize your company's profits. We will increase your productivity and cut your costs. More...

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