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From a network operator beyond the power plant operator to regional public services: We are specialized to attend you in every phases of you energymanagement and to develop energy-efficiency solutions for your customers.

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Energy efficiency for the energy industry

A reliable energy supply is an absolute must for households and companies in the 21st century. In Germany, the annual gross electricity consumption is approximately 600 billion kWh. To reduce this while at the same time increasing profits, energy companies must use resources optimally and ensure cost- and energy-saving processes sicherzustellen. Particularly in light of new cutting-edge technology, it is ever more important to take efficiency into consideration in matters related to energy provision.

You decide how to proceed

  • We can comprehensively guide you in all areas of energy management or
  • Support your internal resources in certain areas in a more targeted manner.

You decide how to pay

  • A classic invoice calculated by the amount of effort required
  • Invoicing as a percentage of savings



Energy suppliers throughout Germany rely on Limón.


"Unser erster Eindruck bei der Firma Limón hat sich bestätigt - Terminplanung vorbildlich, fachlich kompetent, sehr freundlich und professionell. Wir hätten uns keine besseren Partner zur Umsetzung der DIN EN 16247-1 vorstellen können."

Bernd Vollrodt
Geschäftsführer Stadtwerke Bad Harzburg GmbH

"Thüga Effizienz GmbH cooperates with Limón GmbH in the area of energy consulting. This guarantees us high quality for our customer projects."

Franz Schulte
Geschäftsführer Thüga Energieeffizienz GmbH

Case studies

Case Studies