From sand casting to precision, pressure, and centrifugal casting: you are an energy-intensive company. We specialize in guiding you through all phases of energy efficient production, identifying your energy savings potential, and transforming your processes into energy efficient solutions that meet your industry-specific needs.

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Are your energy prices rising and the Far East is threatening your existence?

Increase your efficiency now and save considerable energy costs.

The foundry industry is one of the most energy-intensive sectors in Germany. In the list of industries with the highest energy consumption, metal production and metalworking are in second place with an annual requirement of 255,473 GWh (2012). Political uncertainties and increasing pressure to compete -- especially with companies from the Far East -- are forcing you and your colleages to take great leaps just to survive in the market.

Use the solutions custom-designed for the foundry industry by Limón.

Overall, the subject of energy efficiency in foundries cannot be reduced to the formulation of potential savings for individual machines, processes, or production procedures. What you really need is analysis and comprehensive assessment to save and sensibly reuse energy.


Casting: How to gain transparency of your energy flows.

A reliable and conclusive database allows you to act and react efficiently. Software-aided energy monitoring and the corresponding automatic data collection and analysis will create this transparency for you quickly and easily. Yet this is just the first step.

From sand casting to precision casting, pressure die-casting, and centrifugal casting: we specialize in assisting you as a particularly energy-intensive company throughout all phases of energy-efficient production. We will identify your potential savings and transform your processes with energy-efficient solutions that meet your industry-specific needs.

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Gießereien und Metallverarbeiter vertrauen auf Limón.

"By cooperating with Limón on developing innovative concepts, we found an economically feasible possibility to use waste heat to produce electricity."

Tobias Besser
Buderus Edelstahl GmbH

"With their expertise, the company Limón helped us with energy audits, identifying our top consumers, and raising employee awareness."

Jeanette Le Claire
Gusstechnik Schopfheim GmbH & Co. KG

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