Efficiency improvement + savings in the plastics industry

As a solutions provider for energy efficiency measures, Limón has already realized numerous projects in the plastics-processing industry. This practical experience and know-how is pooled in our Plastics and Rubber division. With our broadly based expertise, we undertake efficiency projects throughout Germany that permanently cut costs, thus winning over our customers.

Our offerings in the field of plastics

As a company that offers comprehensive efficiency solutions, we cover all areas of energy efficiency from cross-sectional technologies to detailed inspections of production processes:

1. Parameter optimization of injection molding machines

2. Energy efficiency analyses

3. Compressed air handling optimization

4. Plastic-specific dimensioning of cross-sectional technologies

5. Optimization of cooling units


To successfully realize efficiency projects,
it not only takes professional expertise,
but also extensive project experience.

Limón offers you both.

You decide how to proceed

  • We can comprehensively guide you in all areas of energy management or
  • Support your internal resources in certain areas in a more targeted manner.

You decide how to pay

  • A classic invoice calculated by the amount of effort required
  • Invoicing as a percentage of savings

Our approach to plastics projects


We view the realization of efficiency projects as a systematic and targeted process.
It is our job to work closely with you to sucessfully manage this process.
Our efficiency projects can be broken down into five phases:



Our engineers will inspect both your core and auxiliary processes:




Plastics-processing companies rely on Limón.


"The software and Limón's expertise are the right tools to analyze the efficiency of our injection molding machines. With our project partners Limón and Arburg, we were able to achieve savings of approximately 5% in terms of energy and cycle time simply by optimizing parameters."

Helene Derksen-Riesen
Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG

"Limón guided us well on the path to certification. We are pleased with the excellent results of this project."

Bruno Reich
Faurecia Exteriors GmbH

"Thanks to the professional consulting on the part of Limón's engineers, we were shown entirely new approaches to using our existing heat sources. The new heat integration concept not only saves on purchasing costs, but also yields considerable savings in gas consumption."

Boris Bepperling
Head of Technical Service, Seidel GmbH & Co. KG