Limón ist unter den Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Companies in Europe – 2019

Limón wurde vom internationalen Technologiemagazin Energy CIO Insights als einer der 10 besten Dienstleister für Energietechnologien in Europa eingestuft.

So heißt es in der Beschreibung von Energy CIO Insights:

“Limón is the solution provider for energy and production. They have been market leader since 2007 when it comes to increasing energy efficiency, saving emissions, and reducing energy cost. In more than 1.800 projects, Limón has supported over 800 industrial and commercial companies worldwide so that they use as little energy as they need. Limón has been one of the best solution providers for energy efficiency measures in the industrial environment for more than ten years. The company delivers innovative solutions the increase energy efficiency. Their holistic solutions help companies to reduce energy consumption in the long term, to fulfill social responsibility and environmental demands. “

Wir freuen uns über diese Anerkennung und Auszeichnung unserer Arbeit.