From a butcher to final meat processing and fish processing: you are an energy-intensive company. We specialize in guiding you through all phases of energy efficient production, identifying your energy savings potential, and transforming your processes into energy efficient solutions that meet your industry-specific needs.

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Energy efficiency in fish and meat processing

To increase your ability to compete in the food industry, energy efficiency in production is the go-to strategy. Cooling and cooking processes as well as lighting, heating, and ventilation are key factors that influence energy costs in fish and meat processing. With optimal planning and targeted measures, potential savings can be identified and used.

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You decide how to proceed

  • We can comprehensively guide you in all areas of energy management or
  • Support your internal resources in certain areas in a more targeted manner.

You decide how to pay

  • A classic invoice calculated by the amount of effort required
  • Invoicing as a percentage of savings



Food producers throughout Germany rely on Limón.


"We anticipate that a holistic energy monitoring and assessment system will provide transparency for our energy flows, quick identification of potential energy savings, and a further increase in the quality of our products thanks to the continuous control."

Martin Schmidt
Bereichsleiter Technologie und Qualitätssicherung RACK & RÜTHER GmbH

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